Required Law Tags

Have you ever wondered why pillows and comforters have to have those "law tags?"

The tags are basically meaningless for you, the buyer. We, the manufacturer, are required to place these tags on pillows because it means that we filled the pillow with new filling all the way through. For example, if we say we filled a pillow with poly fill, the law tag is your proof that we actually did. This way you know there is no paper, sawdust, or some other random object in your pillow.

Our pillows without zippers contain poly fill, and our pillows with zippers contain poly bun. Poly fill is blown into the pillow, and then the pillow is sewn shut. Poly bun is basically the pillow, which allows for easy removal when you want to wash the cover.

Once you have the pillow in your home, you can do whatever you'd like with that tag. Since we all know it is not aesthetically pleasing, feel free to cut it off and discard it. Ripping a tag off may rip the seams of the pillow, so it is best to simply cut the tag off as close to the seam as possible. Also, to maximize the full potential of your pillow's beauty, turn the "tag" side of the pillow down where it is resting on the couch or bed. This way the little bit of tag left after you cut it off doesn't show either.

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